Design et development

KiteHook design and development

Once the concept of the KiteHook has been validated, came the product development phase.
8 evolutions of prototypes were necessary for the design and the selection of the different elements.
It is more complicated than it seems to lead to a simple, light and reliable system, all the more so when it is a safety module

The development of the KiteHook was carried out according to strict specifications:

  • Reliable anchoring system (resistant to the traction of a kite in a wind up to 35 knots)

  • Quick to set up (less than 3min.)

  • Light and compact (less than 1kg, easily transportable in a bag)

  • Ability to be used in sand, pebbles or on a fixed point

  • Totally buried system once set up (does not present a danger to the user or other users in the manoeuvring area)

  • Recyclable materials

  • Materials resistant to the marine environment (abrasion, corrosion, etc.)

  • Interchangeable elements (principle of "One KiteHook, for life")

  • Price less than 50€