Your KiteHook is composed of 7 assembled elements :

  • The main element is the base, the shape of which has been designed to be used effectively as a shovel and to ensure reliable anchoring. The material has been selected for its abrasion resistance and low weight. Less than 850g for the complete KiteHook and less than 2 cm thick for the bulk, allow you to carry your Kite Self Launcher very easily in your bag.

  • 2 high-strength ropes (800 dNa) and adapted to the marine environment :
  • The main leash which can be used connected to the base (sand and pebbles) or separately by being fixed directly to an existing fixed point. This same leash can be taken along during navigation as emergency equipment (towing another rider or a board, furling a kite, etc.).
  • The secondary leash allows you to moor your kite bag or other equipment and to easily unburden and store your KiteHook.

  • An anti-corrosion carabiner finishes the main leash. It has a wide opening for use with all types of chicken loop and can be manipulated with one hand.

  • A float sleeve attached to the main leash. It improves the visibility of the system on the spot for you or the other users and allows the flotation of the leash + carabiner in case of submersion of your KiteHook.

  • A bag to carry and store the whole set. The message printed in English and French informs other users of the spot and prevents your material from being considered lost or forgotten.

  • The instructions which, in addition to the video tutorial, detail step by step the handling of the KiteHook.

The elements of the KiteHook are entirely made from recyclable materials and are assembled in Brittany.