The origine

KiteHook to ride free

KiteHook is above all the story of a bunch of kitesurfing enthusiasts. Passionate to the point of refusing to miss a session under the pretext of being alone to take off or land his kite. We have all known these moments of loneliness.
Sun, 20 knots and... desert spot or sometimes for a Finisterian session: rain, 35 knots and... desert spot. Ideal conditions then, but the friends are at work or missed their alarm clock or are simply already in the water.

Back then, each of us had our own little improvised technique. Often, we also used to take off "at the drop of a hat". In general, it worked. Then after a few setbacks, one of which ended up in the emergency room, reason helped, an idea came up: find "THE safe method" for solo takeoff and landing.

From there, began a long period of testing the different practices available in the kite world: from the dog pole to the Ikea bags to the buried TT. The tests sometimes ended with small or big scares, small or big bandages for scratched riders or small or big patches for damaged kites. The various experiments quickly showed that most methods were too approximate. If they all work in light winds, they quickly become dangerous in strong winds. The concept of the buried base then imposed itself quite naturally.

The KiteHook has been developed in 2 steps. First, the systematic testing of the different methods and then the design of the product itself.