Use of the KiteHook with a wind of 30/40 knot

"How strong a wind can we use the KiteHook?"

Many of you are asking us the question. As long as it is correctly buried or stowed, you can use it up to 35 knots without any problem. We have even tested it in 40 knots. A short video on the subject, shot in a fairly gusty wind between 30 and 40 knots.

NB: the purpose of this video is not to promote solo outings in heavy weather. It is obviously preferable at all levels to go out accompanied. But you know that with big conditions, it is frequent to find 2 or 3 on the spot. The KiteHook is the assistant who will help you to avoid taking off your friend's kite with one hand, when you yourself have trouble holding yours, which has just been taken off.... Ride Safe. Ride Free.